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Scanning Equipment

We provide a variety of scanning equipment for preserving memories, including photos, slides, negatives, documents, and more. Our scanners are available for self-service. While we do not provide scanning services for patrons, we provide assistance with using the scanning equipment.


Scanners & Digital Conversion Equipment

Photo Feed: #73-74
Epson FF-680WScans Slides Quickly
Document Feed: #43-44
Canon Sheet FeedRapidly scan documents through a feeder.
Flatbed: #35-38
Pllustek Opticbook A300 scannerScan books, documents or pictures one page at a time.
Bookeye Overhead: #42
KIC Bookeye 4Scan books quickly with less wear on spine.
Epson Flatbed: #40-41
Epson 12,000XL ScannerEpson Perfection v750 Pro ScannerScans slides, negatives, documents, and photographs. Scans slowly but in high quality.
 Slide Carousel Scanner: #75-76

SlideSnap Pro

Scan slides quickly in good quality.

Light StudioUse a phone camera to take images of 3d object, documents, photos, books, etc, in this photo-light studio.
Microfilm ScanPro 3000
Read and scan microfilm and microfiche.Has auto-scan feature for microfilm.
Mini DV: #66


Digitizes Mini DV cassettes.

Hi 8 #65
SONY EV-C100Digitizes Hi 8 Analog video.
8mm/Super 8 Converter

Wolverine Data Film2Digital MovieMakerPro 8mm/Super 8 Converter

Digitize your 8mm/Super8 silent movies.

VHS Digital Converter: #64
DMR-EZ48VDigitize your VHS tapes.
Digital8 Camcorder               

Digital8 Converter

Digitize your Digital8 cassettes.


BetaMax Converter

Digitize your BetaMax tapes.

TASCAM CC-222           

Cassette to CD Conversion.


Cassette to Digital Conversion


What scanner should I use?

Complete a quick questionnaire  to help determine which scanner to use.

Reserve a scanner

Scanner Basics Videos

Scanning Basics: Before You Start Video

Scanning Documents, Photos, And Slides: The Basics For Genealogists Video

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


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