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Family History Basic Tutorials

For Latter-day Saints

The following video tutorials are designed for Latter-day Saints getting started with family history or helping others to get started. Most videos are short and to the point, 5-10 minutes long. A handout is included with each presentation. The original videos were created by Judy Sharp and are currently in the process of being updated by Vivien Brown so that they are consistent with recent changes and updates in the family history programs.


FamilySearch Registration and Settings-Vivien Brown

Last Updated 13 Apr 2022

FamilySearch Homepage -Vivien Brown

Last Updated 20 May 2022


FamilySearch Pedigree Views -Vivien Brown

Last Updated 3 Jul 2022

Last Updated Sept 2019


Editing Facts and Relationships in FamilySearch

Last Updated 11 Jan 2019

Adding Sources in FamilySearch Tree

Last Updated 30 Oct 2019


Merging Duplicates in FamilySearch Tree

Last Updated Dec 2019


Adding Memories in FamilySearch Tree

Last Updated Jul 2019


Descendancy Research in FamilySearch

Last Updated Aug 2019


Ordinances Ready 

Last Updated 1 Nov 2018

Descendancy Research in Puzzilla

Last Updated 30 Nov 2016

Family Search Web Indexing

Last Updated 24 Oct 2019

 Ancestry Overview

Last Updated 9 Aug 2019

Sharing Information between FamilySearch and Ancestry

Last Updated 30 Nov 2016


Last Updated Jan 2020


Last  Updated Jan 2020


GEDCOM Basics 

Last Updated 26 Sept 2019


FamilySearch Consultant Planner

Last Updated 10 Oct 2019


Using the Family Tree Mobile App 

Last Updated 5 Oct 2019


Family History Nuggets

Family History Nuggets are half-page handouts, which you may edit and share with others. These little “nuggets” of information include knowledge about history, tips and tricks for doing family history, Google tips, ideas for family home evening, and more.

Not everyone is ready or able to do family history, and not everyone who would like to learn can attend a class. But everyone should be able to take a few seconds to learn something about family history each week. Then when the time comes that they are able to do family history, they will feel empowered, having gained some knowledge over time. Their learning curve will be shortened, and they will be able to master the challenges of family history with confidence.

Important Links

BYU Library Catalog

BYU Library Catalog


FamilySearch Microfilms & Fiche at BYU

Scanner Reservations

Scanning Equipment


(BYU campus)

MyHeritage Libarary Edition

Library Edition
(BYU campus)

Find My Past

Find My Past
(BYU Library)

Saints by Sea

Saints by Sea

The Family History Guide

The Family History Guide

County Histories

County Histories
(BYU access)

(BYU access)

Sanborn Maps
(BYU access)


(BYU access)

Gateway to North America

Gateway to North America
(BYU access)

"BYU access" means that the item is accessible on BYU campus or remotely for logged-in BYU students and faculty. If labeled “BYU campus” then it is available anywhere on BYU campus, but not remotely. "BYU Library" indicates that you may only access the resource while physically at the BYU Library. (If you have a personal account with any of these sites, you can access them anywhere. If so, it is best to access them directly rather than using these links.)

*FamilySearch is accessiable anywhere on the Internet, but many of the images (ca. 25-30%) require viewing at a FamilySearch family history center. BYU Library is also designated as a family history center allowing access to these images.

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