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Sunday Classes

Sundays 12 pm to 8 pm (excluding holidays and General Conference)

  • Free family history classes
  • Personalized research assistance
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Group reservations for YSAs
  • Scanning photos, slides, and other memories
  • Library tours

Contact us to reserve a consultation or group visit.
We are located on Level 2 of the BYU Library. (Get directions.)

Class Schedules

Sunday, November 17th

Walk in or call 801-422-3934 to sign up. To find a helper, ask at the family history missionary desk.

12:00-7:30  – General Research  Any available consultant
12:00-7:30 German Research (Larry Jensen 12-3) (Laurie Castillo)
12:00-7:00 Scandinavian Research (Rick Matthews 3-7) (Geri Brinley 12-4)
12:00-7:30 DNA Research (Paul Dunn 12-4), (Sarah Stoddard 3:30-8)
3:00-5:00 Spanish specialist (Maria Climent)
5:00-7:00 Family History Consultant training (Ginny Lakey)
12:00-4:00 Slavic Languages and Research (Stasia Habel)

To schedule a group class for Sunday (or weekdays), call 801-422-3766 or email

Family History Classes

3:00-4:00 Classes

  • Tour: Find treasures in the BYU Library to enhance research
  • Family Tree 1.  Jump Start Your Research
  • German Genealogical Research:  Understanding German Culture
  • How to Transfer Sources Between Family Search and Ancestry

4:30-5:30 Classes

  • Family Tree 2.  Adding & Editing Information
  • Ancestry DNA Thru Lines & MyHeritage DNA

6:00-7:00 Classes

  • Family Tree 3.  Help with Your Tree
  • German Research on the Internet
  • Family History Gifts That turn Hearts

Full Schedule with Teachers and Classrooms: November 17th 

Other upcoming classes:

November 24th

December 8th

December 15th

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Important Links

BYU Library Catalog

BYU Library Catalog


FamilySearch Microfilms & Fiche at BYU

Scanner Reservations

Scanner Reservations


(BYU campus)

MyHeritage Libarary Edition

Library Edition
(BYU campus)

Find My Past

Find My Past
(BYU Library)

Saints by Sea

Saints by Sea

The Family History Guide

The Family History Guide

County Histories

County Histories
(BYU access)

(BYU access)

Sanborn Maps
(BYU access)


(BYU access)

Gateway to North America

Gateway to North America
(BYU access)

"BYU access" means that the item is accessible on BYU campus or remotely for logged-in BYU students and faculty. If labeled “BYU campus” then it is available anywhere on BYU campus, but not remotely. "BYU Library" indicates that you may only access the resource while physically at the BYU Library. (If you have a personal account with any of these sites, you can access them anywhere. If so, it is best to access them directly rather than using these links.)

*FamilySearch is accessiable anywhere on the Internet, but many of the images (ca. 25-30%) require viewing at a FamilySearch family history center. BYU Library is also designated as a family history center allowing access to these images.